St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference October 23, 2019 11am-5pm
St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth ConferenceOctober 23, 2019  11am-5pm


St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference Seminars, October 23, 2019

ALL Seminars are FREE and open to the public.



10am-11am - Rooms 104-105
60 of the BEST Marketing & Sales Ideas in 60 Minutes

Join the area’s top marketing experts as they share their top marketing and sales ideas. Walk away with strategies, techniques and ideas you can implement immediately. Bring your own best ideas and don’t forget about the Lightning Q&A Round, where our experts will take your questions.

Grow Your Business Lab (Rooms 104-105)

Sales—Winning Sales Strategies



25 Proven Ways To Drive Sales Growth
It can be said in sales you are either pushing forward or falling backward. A proactive approach is required to achieve forward movement in your business. Avoid the slump and uncover 25 ACTIONS that will drive sales growth.  Identify sales slump Causes
•    Learn how to overcome factors that contribute to sluggish business growth.  
•    Takeaway 25 tangible ACTIONS that are proven to drive sales growth.
Presenter: Katheryn Hunt, Cornerstone Solutions
Katheryn Hunt is a dynamic speaker and sales building enthusiast. Katheryn teaches business development strategies based upon over 21 years of sales management and field experience. She is equipped with a diverse business-building background which includes specializations in business start-ups, healthcare, long-term care, capital equipment, retail, service-based industries, and value-based selling. Katheryn’s professional goal is to train and equip others in discovering the heart of their company, understand their customers and how to create active pathways for new growth.



Improve Sales Performance through Data, Technology, Analytics
Many business leaders today are facing increased pressure to expand and manage revenue growth while continuously improving sales performance. In response, new functional areas are being explored, funded, and established related to Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness (SOEE). The goal of these newly created areas……improve sales results.
The new challenge? Defining the vision, strategy, and tactical responsibilities of each interdependent function. Alignment and coordination of the SOEE operating model, requires precise planning and execution. High performing Sales Teams leverage data, analytics and technology to provide strategic insights that align marketing and business development. Creating a high-performance sales model requires purposeful design, focused execution, cross-functional teamwork, and continual transformation.
By reviewing practical examples and common challenges, this workshop will provide a baseline foundation for evaluating your internal sales and business development framework. In addition, the session will offer new perspectives on sales leadership, CRM technology, and tactical application of SOEE performance modeling.
Presenter: Michael Mohr, Mohr Advantage, LLC

Prior to founding his company, Michael spent 28 years with private, public, and S&P 500 Corporations. His experience was developed through 16 corporate acquisitions that delivered revenue growth from $42M to $760M and became part of a $3.3B Enterprise, Equifax Corporation. His leadership roles include Executive, Business Unit, Sales, Sales Operations, Client Relations, Product Innovation, and Practice Leader, Merger and Acquisition Consulting. Michael is a current member of the University of Missouri - St. Louis Finance and Legal Advisory Board and has been active with the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center as a Foster Family since 2008.
Mohr Advantage assists organizations and leadership teams in the area of Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, and Sales Effectiveness (SOEE) modeling. His firm helps employers define, architect, and create high performance sales infrastructure to accelerate profitable revenue growth.


Funny Business: Increasing Your Sales With Humor

Funny Business: Increasing Your Sales With Humor

Topics To Be Presented:

• Effective humor in marketing
• Content that demands attention
• Future sales trends and humor
• Strengthening relationships with humor
• Creating a culture of success
• Using humor in business social media campaigns

Presented by Todd Schowalter and T.J. Schowalter

Since 1989, Todd Schwalter has created, developed, written, produced and managed, marketing, broadcast and promotional campaigns for national clients including: Coca-Cola, American Airlines and Cartoon Network, as well as regional and local clients.

In addition, Todd is a filmmaker and nationally distributed cartoonist and animator, where his work has appeared on television and in newspapers (including, St. Louis Small Business Monthly), magazines, books, advertisements, and on greeting cards worldwide.

T.J. Schowalter is the founder of Realtor Support Group LLC, a company that provides social media and marketing support to the real estate industry. T.J. and his company utilize both analytics and humor to break through the clutter in today’s crowded social media scene.


Building a Sales Structure for Superior Results

Attendees will learn the top 10 reasons why sales are not increasing as planned and the actions that must be undertaken to create the foundation for dramatic sales growth. Learn what may be holding you back from your goals as a business owner. This isn’t just a PowerPoint presentation –we’ll share real-world best practices and ideas on how to tackle these sales issues. If your sales team or sales volume is at a point a frustration, you need to attend this seminar! Does this sound like your company? My sales have been at the same level for years and I can’t get to the next level. My sales compensation package doesn’t incent the desired behavior I want. I can’t find the right sales people-how do I stop the revolving door?
Presenter: Marc Metz, Optimus Sales Group powered by SalesXceleration
After nearly 30 years in sales, sales management and business ownership roles, Marc Metz founded the Optimus Sales Group. Utilizing the proven Sales Xceleration platform, Optimus provides business owners customized and sustainable sales strategies and processes to drive growth in top-line revenues and profitability.


Marketing—Winning Marketing Techniques, Strategies



Turn Your Expertise Into Quality Content Marketing
Are you fully leveraging your company's knowledge to grow your brand into an industry thought leader? Matt Kamp from Influence & Co. will be sharing the playbook for turning your team’s expertise into quality content marketing that translates into ROI.
Matt's session will cover how to execute effective content strategy, creation, distribution and maximization. Influence & Co. has worked with Fortune 500 marketing teams (Microsoft) to small business owners (Zapier), and the firm's experience from publishing thousands of articles with clients has led to the methodology showcased by this presentation. Influence & Co. works with 1,500+ online publications, and Matt will be outlining data-driven strategies for getting your content published in top sites using input directly from their editors.
If you need to build your company’s brand into an industry thought leader — and drive inbound business — you will walk away from this session with strategies to start implementing the next day.
Presenter: Matt Kamp, Influence & Co.
About Matt Kamp: Matt Kamp is the SVP at Influence & Co., a content marketing agency that helps companies turn their expertise into influence through content strategy, creation, distribution, and maximization. We help venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 brands contribute their expertise to 1,500+ online publications. Influence & Co. has made the Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Companies list four years in a row and was a Content Marketing Award Agency of the Year Finalist for the past three years.


How to Use Email Marketing to Find More Prospects and Close More Sales

Email Marketing expert Tom Ruwitch will share tried-and-true, easy-to-implement strategies and tactics to help you identify your most qualified prospects and generate sales more quickly and profitably.

Presenter: Tom Ruwitch, Marketvolt


Hiring a Business Developer – How Any Company Can Hire Superstars

Any small business can attract and hire the industry’s top business developers. Many companies, especially small businesses, hire business developers that fail to win contracts. It’s frustrating. It’s expensive. If you have ever wondered how your company can afford to hire the strongest and most capable business developers, this session is for you. Business developers fall into one of three groups – average, stars, and superstars. One group will increase revenue by 10%. Another will increase revenue by 100%. The right interview questions will enable you to immediately identify the strength of any business developer. We will cover key topics including common challenges; setting expectations on what you should expect from a new business developer; in-depth discussion on how to interview with an outline of the key questions you should ask; and then we’ll close with how to craft a compensation plan, that any small business can afford, that will attract and keep the industry’s most accomplished sales professionals.
This session provides award-winning tactics and strategies that have directly helped companies win more than $2 Billion in government contracts.
Presenter: Joshua Frank, RSM Federal
About Joshua Frank: Frank is an Amazon #1 bestseller author is a professional speaker and business coach. As a result of these strategies, Frank, managing partner of RSM Federal, was awarded Veteran Business of the Year, Small Business Advocate of the Year, and Top 50 Trustworthy Companies of the Year.

4 Marketing Techniques Guaranteed to Grow Any Business

Avoid profit-stealing price cutting and sales events and simply focus on these four proven marketing tactics: 1. How to Retain Your Current Customers 2. How to Encourage Customers to Buy More Each Time 3. How to Motivate Customers to Buy More Often 4. How to Solicit Customer Referrals This session gives real-world examples of each of the techniques, and helps business owners and sales managers start thinking of ways they can apply the tactics to their own firms. Then watch your business grow...from larger sales per order, increased repeat business, greater customer loyalty, and a flow of top-quality prospect leads.
Presenter: David Voracek, Lindenwood University
About David Voracek: Voracek is a former nationwide seminar speaker for Dunn & Bradstreet’s Business Education Division, and he’s also been a convention break-out session instructor at more than 200 business meetings in the USA and Canada. He is currently Adjunct Professor of Marketing in the School of Business & Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University BUSINESS.



Winner's Circle



How To Market Yourself - And Your Business - By Creating A Message That Sells

Presenter: Tim Burt



How I Got 30 Million views on one Facebook post for FREE

Presenter: Mindy Hart



How to Get You - And Your Business - On TV

Presenter: Bruce Servin



How I Went From Prison To Becoming A Top Podcaster

Presenter: Zachary J. Babcock


Growing Your Business



Proactively Surviving a Ransomware Attack: Practical Strategies for Defending your Data.
Technology has helped streamline and automate many functions that used to be more labor intensive in the professional world. The advancement of technology has also brought forth the added risk and exposure of cyber attacks. This session will review some of the risks faced by businesses and will arm you with best practices on how to safeguard your data while ensuring your employees have the access they need to be successful.
Presented by John Quatto
About John Quatto: Quatto is a seasoned technology expert having worked in the technology industry for over a decade. John specializes in managing technology sales to the state, local and education vertical and has served for ten years on the board of directors of the Illinois Valley Network Users Association. John has been teaching and presenting on cyber security for many years.


Overcoming Challenges And Succeeding in Business

Dr. Greg Sanders lost two children in 2018, and has dealt with significant grief and hardship.  He was also just voted Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 by the Small Business Association of Southern Illinois.  His innovations in the "digital business card" arena are helping businesses to become more profitable, networking groups to become more successful, and non-profits to raise more money.  In addition to keeping his eye on the goal in business, and in life, Dr. Sanders is a pastor and spiritual leader, and has something on his heart that he would like to share with those who are "in business," but may be struggling, who may be discouraged or disheartened.  In this session, people will receive wisdom and inspiration to keep their focus on the mission, and their eyes on the prize, even when life's tragedies and setbacks threaten to derail a business, or other plans for your life.  You will find out how to reach out to God, and depend on others - their love, skills, and resources, even when you feel totally alone.  The key message is - "Keep trusting, believing, and loving.  Refine the art of collaboration.  It ain't easy, but you can do it!"
Presented by Greg Sanders, EZcard
Dr. Greg Sanders is the Founder & CEO of EZcard, a simple but powerful, cutting-edge technology for smart phones.  Last year, Greg lost a 25-year old daughter (August 7) to a heart arrhythmia and a 22-year old son (October 7) to a mental-illness-induced accident.  He had previously lost his first son to leukemia in 1991.  For the second half of last year, EZcard sales slumped, and logistical challenges compounded by personal grief threatened to overwhelm his company. Now Greg is doing better personally and professionally, EZcard is rebounding with new innovation and vigor, and the future, while not guaranteed to be problem-free, looks bright.  
Dr. Sanders taught sociology at Greenville University (Greenville, IL) for 25 years, and 5 years before that in southern Michigan.  He retired from teaching in 2016 to start EZcard.  He is, from one perspective, a very unlikely CEO of a software company.  He is not a programmer, and while he speaks 8 languages and plays 27 instruments, he doesn’t speak “geek.”  However, six years ago he had a clear vision of how to put the power of the smart phone into the hands of ordinary people, and EZcard was born.  




Overcoming Engagement Gridlock with Teams

Managers and the teams they lead have the most influence in any business. You want to retain good people, engage employees, and produce value for your company? Start by providing managers with the strategies to engage teams and build productive relationships. This program empowers managers to shift gears and create the environment to foster employee engagement, improved performance, and retention.
During this seminar, you will explore:
• How leaders at all levels can produce the environment to foster employee engagement, improved performance, and retention
• The role of direct managers in employee engagement
• Strategies and techniques to maximize productivity
Presented by: Pam Weston, Progress Partners LLC
Pam Weston is the CEO & Owner of Progress Partners LLC, a consulting firm located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. As a trusted advisor to C-Suite executives, she has worked with chief executive officers, company presidents, and their teams including Fortune 500 companies in the areas of employee engagement, strategy alignment, and communications management. Her expertise has guided leaders in industries ranging from financial services to information technology to healthcare, and consumer information solutions.



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-St. Louis Business Expo is Missouri’s largest business-to-business shopping mall.
-Ability to creatively sell yourself and your company to a very targeted qualified audience.
-Great opportunity to market new products, services and technology.
-Excellent ways to get name out and let customers learn about your company.
-An opportunity to meet top executives and business decision-makers in a positive environment.
-Person-to-person interaction. Fantastic selling, prospecting and networking opportunity!
-Best one-day networking available with leads and prospects surrounding you.
-Promotional mentions in the St. Louis Small Business Monthly announcing you as a participant.


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Kickoff Seminar, 10am-11am


60 (BEST) Sales & Marketing Ideas In 60 Minutes

Are you looking for marketing and sales ideas to help your business grow? Are you setting up your 2010 marketing plan? Are you a marketing expert looking for even more ideas to showcase your brand? If so, attend the kickoff seminar of the St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference, Oct. 23 (10am-11am) at the St. Charles Convention Center. FREE to attend. Join some of the area's top marketing and sales experts as they share the BEST Marketing and Sales ideas for 2019 and 2020.


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