St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference Tuesday, October 26, 2021
St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth ConferenceTuesday, October 26, 2021


This is your chance to meet buyers from government agencies and major corporations. In this special procurement section, sponsored by the Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, agencies and corporations will be searching for vendors in a variety of industries. A special Seminar will be held informing business owners on how to gain and do business with government agencies and larger corporations.


Special Contacts-4-Contracts Seminar


1:30-2:20 (Rooms 104-105)
How To Build a Strong Government Sales Strategy – 8 Core Activities

An educational, fast-paced, and high-energy seminar for entrepreneurs, small and large businesses that want to win or increase government contracts. We are going to walk-through various tactics and strategies you need to build a viable sales strategy. Unlike most seminars, this is more than a general or abstract discussion. This is not business as usual. Many seminars are the same topics and the same generic information that attendees have heard over and over again. This seminar is designed to connect the dots, from who buys what you sell to how you collect intelligence and win. We will provide the necessary tactics, strategies, and recommendations you need to keep your sales strategy on track.

We will cover the following strategies: 1) Researching who buys what you sell; 2) Why communicating quantifiable value is critical to prime and subcontracting efforts; 3) Your positioning in the market 4) Engaging the market; 5) Teaming to win; 6) Building and managing your pipeline; 7) Your Bid – No Bid process; 8) and finish with an honest and frank discussion on bid-matching and contract management tools for identifying opportunities.

Speaker: Joshua Frank, RSM Federal. This seminar provides award-winning tactics and strategies that have directly helped companies win more than $13.2 billion in definitive contracts and more than $30 billion in multiple award contracts. As a result of these strategies, Mr. Frank has been honored with SBA’s award for Veteran Business of the Year; Industry Small Business Advocate of the Year by the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME); and in 2021, Mr. Frank was inducted into the Government Sales Hall of Fame with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.




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Kickoff Seminar

7 Secrets To Writing Emails And Ads That Sell! - 10am-11am (Rooms 104-105). Click here for more information.


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