St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022
St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth ConferenceTuesday, Nov. 1, 2022

Kickoff Seminar, 10am-11am

PRE-SHOW KICKOFF SEMINAR - 10am-11am (Rooms 104-105)


Leveraging LinkedIn to Find Clients and Grow Your Brand
Business consultant Craig Severinsen will walk you through the best practices for leveraging LinkedIn for lead gen and for increasing visibility.

Attendees will learn...

- Why relationships are the most important aspect of LinkedIn (and how to create those relationships quickly)

- How to find clients and prospects without wasting a ton of time or feeling salesy

- Why leveraging a LIVE EVENT is the easiest and most effective way to engage potential clients on LinkedIn

- How to create their own content and outreach strategy to start building traction on LinkedIn TODAY.
Craig Severinsen is a business consultant that helps entrepreneurs grow their business and reclaim their life. He is on a personal mission to end entrepreneurial burnout, and help every business owner live life to the fullest. Craig is best known for his innovative approach to building an engaged audience through Real Time Market Research, which helps entrepreneurs build better offers and more effective Marketing campaigns. Craig is the founder of Bright Works Training, a business consulting firm based out of St. Louis Missouri. Bright Works Training’s programs focus on taking action, so that you can finally have the success, freedom and support you deserve - without sacrificing your personal life.




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