St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference April 10, 2018 11am-5pm
St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth ConferenceApril 10, 2018  11am-5pm

Google's Grow Your Business Lab

Paige Cahill, a National Trainer for Google's "Get Your Business Online," will connect you to Google Tools, Digital Marketing Tips, Trends and Best Practices to help you grow your business and succeed online.


Three Google Seminars to Help You Grow, Get Found and Succeed Online. This special section is sponsored by Google, SBM and SCORE.


Video Marketing Seminar: Grow Your Business with Video Marketing
In 2018, video is a critical marketing tool for your organization's online success. This seminar is for those that want to start implementing video into their marketing strategies but don’t know where to start. Come learn more about the power of video and how video can effectively help you build a loyal audience, attract more customers,  get more sales, and help you increase your online brand, results, and revenues. Learn how and why small businesses or nonprofits are using video campaigns to grow their business, customer base, customer loyalty, sales, and their success. Walk-away with video creation best practices and tools to help you create effective, simple and successful videos that will help you receive more customers, sales, and results online and offline.

Grow Your Business, Get Found and Succeed Online.
In today’s fast, furious, and ever-changing economy and digital landscape it is even more important for your business to be online in order to thrive and survive. Come learn and walk-away with online marketing tools and best practices that you can implement right away to help you maximize your online marketing results so your business can grow, get found, and succeed online. Learn how consumers search online and what marketing assets, tools and activities can help your organization get found online so you get more reach, results, customers, and sales or donations. Walk-away with digital marketing strategies, insider tips, and Google tools that your organization can easily implement to maximize your reach, SEO, online results and help your organization grow, get found, and succeed online.


Tips and Tools for Measuring Your Online Marketing Success.
As a small business owner or nonprofit you invest a lot of time, effort, money, and resources to market your brand online. Do do you know how your efforts are affecting your bottom line? Are you getting the results you want? Is your online marketing efforts really paying off? Learn what to measure as well as what Google tools can help you track, measure, evaluate, and uncover the results you are really getting online so you can retool your online marketing assets, strategies, activities, and tools to get the results you want and need.






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