St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference April 19, 2017 11am-5pm
St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth ConferenceApril 19, 2017  11am-5pm


St. Louis Business Expo & Business Growth Conference Seminars, April 19, 2017


Kickoff Seminar-Rooms 104-105

Overcoming Sales Slumps
Are declining sales bumming you out?            
Let’s Face it – you’re not alone. Downturns can happen to everyone. It can be said in sales you are either pushing forward or falling back. Onward movement requires a proactive approach.  Successful strategies integrate 3 actions: Remind, Review, and Respond.
Join Katheryn Hunt, Founder & President of Cornerstone Solutions as she shares specific actions we can all take to overcome the sales slump. Katheryn Hunt is a dynamic speaker and sales building enthusiast that teaches marketing and sales strategies based upon over 18 years of sales management and field experience. Katheryn Hunt will equip you to stay ahead of the pack.

Social Media Lab (Stage 1)

Social Media Marketing That Gets Results

Learn how to effectively use and manage a digital social media presence including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.
Presented by: Saptarshi Ghosh, Hexagon Technologies



How to Use Email Marketing to Sell More
Email is among the most effective digital marketing tools for marketing a business and selling more. Tom Ruwitch will reveal how to use email to unlock more sales and how to save time and money in the process.

Tom Ruwitch is an interactive marketing expert with nearly 20 years’ experience helping businesses grow using interactive marketing. He is the founder and president of MarketVolt, an interactive marketing firm that is best known for its industry leading email marketing engine. At MarketVolt, Tom is the company's lead consultant for clients who seek web site, email, and other marketing guidance. Tom is an experienced web developer, copy-writer, and direct response marketer. He has experience designing and executing marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes in a variety of segments and industries.


How to create video in :60 seconds, :30 second, :10 and :05 seconds!
In this presentation, you will learn how to create a video message that speaks to your audience.
Presented by Ruth Gerchen, Silverback Video. Ruth Gerchen has been an account executive for 20 years at KPLR TV 11 and now is a Senior Account Manager at Silverback Video, LLC-a full service video production company


From Experience to Expectation

The customer no long wants an experience, they demand it. Learn why we have changed and how to break through the social media noise by delivering wow moments that create conversations and customer loyalty for a lifetime.

Presented by: Matt Ruedlinger, Triple R Marketing. Matt Ruedlinger of Triple R Marketing has been featured on several national podcast including #3 rated business podcast "Eventual Millionaire" discussing his unique approach on Customer Experience.

Sales & Marketing (rooms 104-105)

Blacklisted - What not to do in Sales

It can happen to anyone. What starts as a simple oversight can transform into something bad – really, bad. Mistakes don’t have to be purposeful to be damaging. Protect yourself by identifying common sales pitfalls and things not to do while interacting with prospective customers.
Join Katheryn Hunt, the Founder & President of Cornerstone Solutions, as she takes an in-depth look at ways professionals can damage their sales. Learn from her mistakes! The audience will get to re-live her worst sales call experience to-date.  
Katheryn Hunt is a sales building enthusiast and proven leader in guiding companies on their march towards sales growth and market share dominance. She will equip you to stay ahead of the pack.


Small Business Marketing

Presented by Constant Contact


Small Business Marketing

Presented by Constant Contact


Networking or Cold calling? The way to properly sell!

Learn how to properly network and connect with individuals in the marketplace and make yourself known. Be able to brand who you are and what you stand for. Guests will  also learn about the right ways to go about selling your service and how to gain more clients.

Presented by Bryan Buesking, Alliance Technologies LLC. Bryan Buesking has 10 plus years in the Sales industry. He is currently Director of Sales for Alliance Technologies LLC and has helped the organization grow rapidly over the last several years.


Building Better Owners (Stage 2)

"What is possible in Health, Wealth, and Business Prosperity"

Dr. Eric Nepute grew his business from working by himself straight out of college in his tiny office in STL into the largest and most successful Wellness Center in this region! On an average day we see 500 patients! Dr. Eric will explain ways to grow not only a business but a culture that keeps customers/clients coming back and referring! Business owners will also take away how to add value to their business so that price is not an obstacle for customers/clients. They will definitely be inspired and motivated!
Presenter: Dr. Eric Nepute

Planning For the Business Owner

For most business owners their largest asset is the business; and unlocking the value for retirement income and succession planning can be difficult.  Many flourishing businesses do not survive an owners retirement; and only one-third succeed in the second generation.
 The key is planning early, to avoid conflicts between heirs and surviving owners; and provide sufficient funding for retirement. Business owners must rely on a team of tax, legal and financial professionals to plan for ownership succession; put funded buy-sell arrangements in place; and, implement insurance-based techniques to attract, retain and reward key management.
We will review the most popular strategies to protect business value today, and help provide for succession plans in the future.
Presenter: Allen Hensley, Life Product Consultant, New York Life Insurance Company


The ESSENTIAL Aspects of lead Generation (Direct Mail, PPC and More)!
Direct Mail. Email. Print ads. Websites. Search Engine Optimization. Pay Per Click… Are you out in the cold? PostcardMania’s Sarah Coziahr shows you which marketing options are best for your particular industry AND how to use them effectively as a small business to produce a flood of high-quality leads.
By the end of this presentation, you’ll know how to:
•    Avoid wasting money marketing to the wrong people
•    Curate a valuable, results-generating mailing list
•    Improve your organic search engine rankings for FREE
•    Run a cost-effective pay per click campaign
•    Generate more high-quality traffic to your site
•    Effectively communicate with interested prospects to turn them into customers
•    Close 80% MORE sales with systematic follow-up
Presented by Sarah Coziahr. As a small business owner and marketing specialist, Sarah Coziahr is an in-demand speaker, educator and marketing consultant who loves helping small businesses. As a business owner and a PostcardMania speaker, Sarah is continuing to expand her mission to empower small businesses with the marketing tools they need to grow and prosper.





Growth Strategies (Stage 3)

3 Secrets to Building a Brand that Pops - a Mini Masterclass

Entrepreneurs and Small - Mid size Business owners will leave the presentation having learned the power of Brand Identity Design and how it fosters improved Brand Equity and overall Profitability.
Presenter: Miranda Myles Jackson, M.A., Posh Creative


Using The Power and Science of Social Networking To Explode Your Business

Everyone is part of a social network, but not everyone understands the intricacies and power of networks. The science is in, and utilizing social networks to grow your business or influence your business is the wave of the future. Come and learn about the power of weak ties, and so much more.
Presenter: Greg Sanders, Town Life EZ Marketing







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-St. Louis Business Expo is Missouri’s largest business-to-business shopping mall.
-Ability to creatively sell yourself and your company to a very targeted qualified audience.
-Great opportunity to market new products, services and technology.
-Excellent ways to get name out and let customers learn about your company.
-An opportunity to meet top executives and business decision-makers in a positive environment.
-Person-to-person interaction. Fantastic selling, prospecting and networking opportunity!
-Best one-day networking available with leads and prospects surrounding you.
-Promotional mentions in the St. Louis Small Business Monthly announcing you as a participant.


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Kickoff Seminar, 10am-11am

Overcoming Sales Slumps


Are declining sales bumming you out?  Let’s Face it – you’re not alone. Downturns can happen to everyone.
It can be said in sales you are either pushing forward or falling back.
Onward movement requires a proactive approach.
Successful strategies integrate 3 actions: Remind, Review, and Respond.

 Presented by: Katheryn Hunt, Founder & President of Cornerstone Solutions
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